Josh Evans "Hope And Despair"
Bruce Williams Alto (2,4,5,6,11)
Abraham Burton Tenor (tracks 3,7,8,9,12)
Lawrence Clark Tenor (2,4,5,6,11)
David Bryant Piano (all)
Rashaan Carter (All)
Eric McPherson Drums (1,3,7,8,9,10,12)
Kush Abadey Drums (2,4,5,6,11)
Cover Painting by Oliver Lake


Josh Evans "Portrait"
 (Snave Sounds)

Josh Evans- Trumpet, Compositions 

Ray McMorrin, Lawrence Clark- Saxophones

Alan Jay Palmer, Theo Hill- Piano

Dezron Douglas- Bass

Ralph Peterson- Drums

Cover Painting by Andres Chaparro

Rashied Ali Tribute Band "Live at The Zinc Bar" (Jazz Intensity)

Josh Evans- Trumpet

Lawrence Clark- Tenor

Greg Murphy- Piano

Joris Teepe- Bass

Eric McPherson- Drums



1.  Josh Evans "Portrait"
2.  Rashied Ali Tribute Band "Live at the Zinc Bar"
3.  Winard Harper "Make It Happen"
4.  Christian Sands "Risin"
5.  Rashied Ali "Live In Europe"
6.  Joris Teepe "We Take No Prisioners"
7.  Tc III featuring Sheila Jordan
8.  Steve Davis "Images"
9.  New Jazz Workshop "Underground"
10.  Ralph Peterson "Outer Reaches"
11.  Sonya Perkins "Bring Your Lover Near"
12.  Steve Lpman "There's A Song in My Heart"
13.  Henry Cole And The Afro-Beat Collective "Roots Before Branches"
14.   George Brandon "Towards The Hill Of Joy"
15  Jen Allen "Pieces Of Myself"
16.  Orrin Evans "Captian Black Big Band"
17.  Steve Lipman "Ridin' The Beat"
18.  Greg Murphy "Live At Smalls"
19.  Bob Mover "My Heart Tells Me"
20.  Greg Murphy Quartet "Live In Westfield"
21.  Tyler Mitchell Quintet "Live At Smalls"
22. Dezron Douglas "Live At Smalls"
23.  Joe Chambers "Moving Pictures Orchestra"
24.  Ralph Peterson "Alive At Firehouse 12"
25.  Greg Murphy "Blues For Miles"
26. Khesuwa "Meadowlands, Stolen Jazz"
27.  Frank Lacy " Smalls Legacy Band"
28. Mike DiRubbo "Threshold"
29. Steve Carrington "A Caring Tone"
30. David Gibson "Boom!"
31. Joris Teepe "Workaholic"
32. Ben Wolfe "The Whisperer"
33. Raymond McMorrin "Ray Mack"
34. Brian Lynch "Madero Latino" (Grammy Nominated)
35. Saul Rubin "Zeb's House"
36. Bruce Williams "Private Thoughts"
37. Maggie Malone "Mixed Emotions"
38. Jason Hainsworth "Third Ward Stories"
39. Greg Murphy "Summer Breeze"
40. Valery Ponomarev "Our Father Who Art Blakey"
41. Anthony Nelson "Swift to Hear, Swift to Speak"
42. Ziga Murko "13"
43. Robert Lepley "Macdougal St, NYC"
44. Jazzmeia Horn "Social Call" (Grammy Nominated)
45. Louis Hayes "Serenade For Horace"
46. Lawrence Clark "Forward Motion"
47. Kelly Green "Life ReArranged"
48. Corcoran Holt "The Mecca"
49. Kristina Koller "Perception"
50. Lauren Henderson "Armame"
51. Earl MacDonald "Open Borders"
52. Shamie Royston "Beautiful Liar"
53. Sasha Mashin "Outside The Box"
54. Christian McBride "New Jawn"
55. Asaf Yuria "Pappa Wawa"
56. Maiko Hata "Peaceful Erosion"