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 The artist Picasso once said “the way I paint is my way of keeping a diary.” Much like Picasso, Josh Evans’ “Portrait” is a musical diary suggesting a close relationship between art and life. “Portrait” takes us through a remarkable musical journey with uncompromising integrity, creating a masterpiece. Evans shares with the listener his important and influential relationships with Rashied Ali, Jackie McLean, and Raymond “Dr. Rackle” Williams, whose musical talent is evident throughout the CD.

“Portrait” marks the debut recording of Josh Evans as a musical leader and encompasses something very special that upon listening evokes a realization that the world of jazz resides in this musician; with deep roots in the knowledge of the music and his own self-awareness. Listeners are engulfed in rhythms, melodies, & textures of music that is special for an artist to achieve. This CD contains intensity of performance and the intimacy of a late night jazz scene. This long anticipated recording reveals a new and fresh approach to music that as Josh himself would describe, “had nothing to do with anything you could put on paper; it was about creating music.” Josh Evans “Portrait” is a recording everyone will want in their music collection.

Andres Chaparro

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